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China Today in the View of Western Scholars

June 9, 2011

1. The Return of the God of Wealth (Sự trở lại của thần tài): Wealth is religion.
2. The correlation of (social) forces favours the regime.
3. China’s middle class is “overwhelmingly symbiotic with the Party elites.”
4. Bases for legitimacy: (1) economic success, (2) stability, (3) national greatness/nationalism, (4) gradual democratization???
Harley Balzer noted that democracy is the long-term solution to (crisis of) legitimacy…”sustainable legitimacy derives not from solving problems, but from creating an environment in which they can be solved in ways that people consider just” (Harley Balzer, “State and Society in Transitions from Communism: China in Comparative Perspective” in Peter Hays Gries and Stanley Rosen, eds., State and Society in 21st-century China: Crisis, Contention, and Legitimation (New York: RoutledgeCurzon, 2005) 235-256 at 250)


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