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Shorthand system of abbreviations for note taking in studying Law

June 14, 2011

a action; aa administrative agency; a/c appellate court; aff affirmed; aka also known as; ans answer; app appeal; appnt appellant; appee appellee; ar administrative regulation; a/r assumption of risk; assn association; atty attorney; b business; b/c because; b/k breach of contract; b/p burden of proof; bfp bona fide purchaser; © consideration; ¢ complaint; ca court of appeals; c/a cause of action; c/c counterclaim; cc child custody; c/e cross-examination; cert certiorari; c/l common law; con l constitutional law; cr criminal; crc criminal court; cs child support; ct court; cv civil; cz cause; d danger/dangerous; dba doing business as; d/e direct examination; dept department; df defendant; dist district; dmg damages; dob date of birth; dod date of death; ee employee; eg example; egs examples; eq equity; eqbl equitable; er employer; est estimate; ev evidence; f fact; fed federal; fs federal statute; gvt government; h husband; hdc holder in due course; indl individual; indp independent; info information; ins insurance; intl international; j judge, justice; jj judges, justices; jt judgment; jur jurisdiction; juv juvenile; k contract; l liable, liability; ll landlord; lit litigation; max maximum; mfr manufacturer; mfg manufacturing; min minimum; mkt market; > more than; greater than; < less than; smaller than;
mun municipal; n/a not applicable; natl national; negl negligence; # number; O owner; op opinion; p/c proximate cause; p/f prima facie; pg page; pl plaintiff; ® reasonable; re real estate; reg regulation; rep representative; rev reverse; revd reversed; rr railroad; s sum; S statute; $ suppose; s/b should be; sn/b should not be; sc supreme court; s/f statute of frauds; s/j summary judgment; sl strict liability; s/l statute of limitations; ss state statute; std standard; sub substantial; subj subject; t tort; t/c trial court; tee trustee; tp third party; vs against; versus; w wife; w/ with; wd wrongful death; w/i within; w/o without; x cross; x/e cross-examination; ? question; + plus; \ therefore; Δ defendant; π plaintiff.


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